Lustre Rose

Imperial Lustre Rose Amethyst Bowl

Photos Courtesy Robert Barnes

Made by Imperial, Lustre Rose pattern is just like their Open Rose pattern. Collectors have called each one by both names. The Lustre Rose pattern is mainly used to describe the items listed below. All bowls are ones that are footed like the one shown above. The pattern Open Rose describes all other bowls with a flat (collared) base.

Shapes Known: Pitcher & Tumblers (Water Set), Butter Dish, Covered Sugar, Creamer, & Spooner (Table Set), a small Creamer & Sugar, 7"-8" bowl, 9"-10" bowl, 11"-12" Fruit Bowl, Footed Fernery and a Centerpiece or Float Bowl (made from the fernery).

Colors Reported: Amber, Amberina, Aqua, Blue, Blue Green, Blue Violet, Clambroth, Green, Helios, Lavender, Lime Green, Marigold, Olive Green, Powder Blue, Purple, Red, Russet, Smoke, Teal, & Vaseline.