If you haven't joined a club already, consider joining one or many of these below. The membership dues are usually $15 to $25 per year and go a long way to support the club of your choice as well as the hobby in general. Find one that's close to home so you can attend the monthly meetings and participate in its yearly convention. Better yet, if you enjoy traveling, join additional clubs that hold their conventions during the times when you can incorporate them with your vacation time. There's nothing like the anticipation of seeing thousands of beautiful pieces of glass as an added attraction to your travel itinerary.

Either way, joining a club will present the best opportunity to meet other enthusiasts, collectors and dealers to help you add quality glass to your collection. During these conventions, you'll attend educational seminars, exciting auctions, witness seldom seen rarities & oddities, hear some legendary stories, meet some famous collectors, and enjoy the often homemade food at luncheons and banquets. The attire is always casual and on banquet nights you can step it up a notch and get a little snazzy. No rules, just be yourself! Usually, the hotel hosting the event will offer accommodations at discounted group rates for club members who reserve early.

There's really no replacement for hands-on experience to keep you interested, involved, excited and constantly thirsting for more glass and knowledge. You'll soon come to understand how discovering your unique tastes and desires will ultimately become the collection that will bring you a lifetime of joy and, most importantly, lifelong friends that you'll soon call "family" to share the fun with. You'll be so glad you did!

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