The Carnival Glass Showcase is dedicated to the love of Carnival Glass and the people who love it. It is conceived with the notion that rarities should be shown with pride and shared graciously by their fortunate owners in hopes others may come to know and experience them through joyful conversation. The Showcase will be known as a gathering place for collectors. Here they have come together to share their individual contributions through photographs and stories. It is our hope this experience will compel other collectors to do the same.

This tribute will commemorate some of the most monumental pieces of Carnival Glass known to exist. Here, you will not only see some of the rarest examples in the world, but also special pieces considered to be the most beautiful representatives of their pattern.

We are also here to honor the glass manufacturers who used their imagination and creativity to introduce exquisite colors and patterns of affordable glass designed to adorn bleak homes of the dark Victorian era with beauty, light and life at a time in history when it was desperately needed. One hundred years later, Carnival glass gives our lives the same enrichment and outshines any modern day treasures available to us.

Here you can expect to see the best of many examples of glass we collectors feel have risen above the rest. Hundreds of patterns exist and there are many we have not represented yet. This is because we are only in our infant stages, four years young. The ideas, concepts and input of this site started in September of 2013. We have hundreds of additional items to post but all in good time. What you see here is merely the beginning of what is to be a life long love affair and a journey of pride and camaraderie that never ends.

The Carnival Glass Showcase hereby proclaims this website shall be known as the People's Showcase. It will be justified as a true labor of love by all who participate. We will find comfort and pleasure knowing this treasury will be safe for generations to come. Long live Carnival Glass! May it never be forgotten!

In some instances, we will refrain from stating who currently owns a certain piece of glass to protect their privacy. On the other hand, those who wish to be recognized will be at their written request. We may include the provenance of famous collectors, living or deceased, to honor them as well. This history will appear only if strong documentation exists through common knowledge.

If you have a very special piece of glass you would like to see on this website, please contact Christina Katsikas by calling (603) 622-4033 anytime. Inserting your contribution is 100% free. All contributions of articles are not for sale through this website.

It is very important to know this site is not trying to replace, compete or reinvent some of the wonderful Carnival Glass websites that already exist today.

Go to our CLUBS link for a list of Carnival Glass Clubs, here and abroad, and consider joining one or many. Find one that is close to you and attend their monthly meetings or find one that holds its conventions at a place you may want to enjoy during your next vacation time. There is nothing like the anticipation of seeing hundreds of beautiful pieces of glass as an added attraction during your holiday.


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