Mentors Appreciation Letters

This page is dedicated to the celebration and appreciation of our Carnival Glass mentors and to our humble beginnings. We will especially remember our mentors every year during the month of March.

March is springtime, the season of new beginnings. This is the time when we can all make a commitment to change somebody's life forever. It's my hope we will all make an effort to introduce ourselves to someone who has shown interest in our hobby.  We can do this in many ways such as introducing ourselves at a convention and offering to show them around. Other ways is to invite and bring them to a club meeting/convention, invite them into our home to see our own collections, or by taking them shopping at an antique mall/show.

If a new collector asks any of us to mentor them, we will say Yes! The joy is in the journey and it's no fun to go it alone. Just remember how you came to love Carnival Glass and what someone did for you to get you there. So reach out to someone and change their lives forever. There will be no greater feeling of satisfaction in this hobby than in giving the gift of sharing your love and knowledge for Carnival Glass and the lifelong friendships it brings. ~ Most sincerely yours, Christina

May your grateful heart be a "welcoming home" for those who need you.