You truly are the penultimate Gate Keeper of Carnival Glass with your fact-based presentation of letters re: glass sales/provenances that have us wanting – actually drooling for – more. Along with top-notch photography, your colorful word-merchantry towards this hobby is mesmerizing, and is a milestone in paving new horizons for young people wanting to collect this wonderful, vintage art glass. This website should be a primer for properly photographing and writing about the carnival glass hobby. If there were awards of merit given for expertise on/for this collecting genre, you’d certainly have a trophy case full of them! Best of luck in all of your endeavors.

Neil Panciera


Been really busy this spring as you do working day and night....However I have found some time to graze your website and it looks GREAT!!  Congrats and I hope it all continues to go well....The cool thing about your site is that it allows those that cannot get around to see other collections. Not to be jealous, but just to see some of the wonderful glass in this hobby that may NEVER make it out to the public....I'm VERY IMPRESSED you took time to do this.

Jimmy Wroda, Auctioneer


All I can keep saying is the above word over and over again. It's fantastic.

The way the collections are laid out is terrific and so easy to follow.The photos are outstanding. You've done a magnificent job and it's well worth the effort. I can see this growing and growing. If I wasn't on there I would definitely want to be.

Your glass is amazing, and I can see where you're coming from with iridescence! I want so much!

I haven't had chance to look at everything yet as I have to be out for the rest of the day. But when I get back I will be going through the rest. I won't want to come off it.

I think this is going to be one of those sites that we will have to look at every day and keep looking again and again and dribbling.

I'm so proud to be on there with the best.

Big Hugs
Ellen xx
Ellen & Keith Richardson Collection

I joined your emailing list the other day. Your site looks amazing in every way and is a credit to all the work that must have gone into creating it. All the pictures of the glass are of the highest quality and the site flows very nicely with amazing image after amazing image on every page that you go to. I must admit that I know Ellen and Keith and have visited them in their home. So many of the pieces that she has sent you pictures of I have seen them in the flesh and all are amazing pieces of carnival glass. I have viewed your collection of pictures of your own glass and all i can say is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I love them all and you certainly have a great eye for colour and iridescence as all your pieces show. I know we have ddoty and carnival 101 but this site is a real breath of fresh air and is just what is needed for the carnival glass collecting people of the world. I guess I could go on talking about the site but will end now and will send pictures once I get the chance to.

Colin Knowles

Thanks for your love of the glass we collect and your willingness to share with your upcoming Carnival Glass Showcase website.

Best wishes to you and yours.
Sandy & Bob Sage

Thanks for sending the first mailling of your website. I wish you all of the best for this venture. I know it will be first class (as you are), I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Good luck on this and thanks for all of your support to this great hobby.

Tom Mordini

Loved your website. It was really nice for all those people to share their collections. Some, actually quite a few, I’ve never seen before. I booked marked it and will visit the site often. I hope one day to send you some pictures of some of my favorite pieces.

Leon Travis

It's exciting to know there's something new on the carnival glass horizon. Thanks for your efforts in this project.

Larry Keig

Impressive....looking forward to sharing your vision!

Pete Bingham

Best wishes with the Carnival Glass Showcase. I look forward to finding out what it's all about.

Larry Keig

Wow, you have created and excellent website. I think people will be hooked on carnival glass after seeing not just carnival glass but pieces with top-notch iridesence. You deserve a big pat on the back for all the time and effort (not to mention resources), that you have poured into your vision. The result is beautiful.

I will certainly enjoy looking and reading more on the website. I will also try to take some more photos of some things like Westmoreland and Cambridge items-nothing really rare but with nice color.

Rick and Debbie Graham

You and the site are up, up and away, doing very well!

We will be in touch soon with photos of some items which are scarce to rare in the collecting world. We certainly do not want to be "left out" of this venture of yours! We all need all the help we can get! Correct? (smile)

Our best to you and your new venture!!

Dean & Diane Fry