Grape Leaves ~Northwood

Northwood "Grape Leaves" Green Bowl with "Blossoms & Palms" Back Pattern

Northwood's "Grape Leaves" bowl features four bunches of grapes and four separate grape leaves between them, neatly centered towards the center of the bowl. The leaf stems point towards the center of the bowl to an "N" in a circle, much like the shape of a button, which is Northwood's logo. These bowls have the back pattern called "Blossoms & Palms" which can often be seen peeking through the pattern depending on the translucency. The edges are usually ruffled although there have been a few 3-and-1 edge examples reported.

Known Shapes: Bowls (approximately 8" to 9" wide)

Reported Colors: Amber, Amethyst, Blue, Clambroth, Green, Horehound, Ice Blue, Lavender, Lime Green, Marigold, & Purple.