Northwood Drapery Lavender Rosebowl

Photo Courtesy Ron & Vickie Smith

The Northwood Drapery pattern is found in a rosebowl, a tri-cornered candy dish, and a vase, all made from the same mould and feature three ribs and three toes. There are also two other vases, not commonly found, made from a different mould, called a "Drapery Variant Vase" and a "Drapery Footed Variant Vase" which feature four ribs and four toes.

An odd Drapery Six-Sided White Spooner has been reported and resides in the Kate & Bill Lavelle collection, as shown on Showcase, which originated from the Bob & Geneva Leonard collection. Also, one lime green bowl and one white tumbler have also been reported in this pattern.

Colors Reported in this Pattern (although not all found in each shape): Amethyst, Aqua, Blue, Renninger Blue, Blue Slag, Green, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Lavender, Lime Ice Green, Marigold, Powder Blue Opal, Sapphire Opal, Vaseline, and White.