Little Fishes

Fenton Little Fishes Blue ICS Bowl

Photo Courtesy Ron & Vickie Smith

Purchased at the October 24, 2015 Woody Auction

Fenton's "Little Fishes" pattern is whimsical and extremely detailed. It depicts seven fish swimming in a circle among sea coral.

This pattern was only made in bowls. Most typical edge shapes are ruffled or ice cream shape and a base that has three curled or ball feet.

The exception is the discovery of two collar-based chop plates, one Marigold and one Blue, found together many years ago, sadly having been separated. Luckily, both will come together again soon, right here on Showcase. The Marigold one once belonged to Tom Mososki and now belongs to myself, Christina Katsikas. It has an exceptional radium iridescence. Oddly, instead of being plain on the back, it sports the "Orange Tree" pattern which peeks through the front. This may be true of the Blue version as well and we will know more when its owner and I come together to photograph and bring its story to you.

Shapes Known: Bowls (9" to 10"), Sauce Bowls, and Two Chop Plates.

Colors Reported: Aqua, Blue, Celeste Blue, Ice Green, Marigold, Sapphire Blue, & White (rare).