Lynne Martin & Lee Moore

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Myself and my partner Lee are quite new to the world of Carnival glass collecting. We have been collecting since the Autumn of 2014 when we bought our first piece, a blue 3-1 Fenton Autumn Acorn bowl which we still have to this day. We bought the Ripple vases in the first few weeks of collecting off eBay, listed here in the UK. There was just one poor picture to go on and the description, which it was the measurements, after a little research got me excited, not the colour. We was away on holiday at the time of the auction's ending and the internet service we had on the holiday complex was very poor. We sat up until late evening and placed a late bid and luckily we won the auction. We were over the moon to just own a pair of funeral vases and it was about a year after learning a lot more about Carnival glass and their colours that we realised the true colour of these vases was Vaseline. This made us buy our first display cabinet to safely display them and we have since filled another cabinet, shelves, windows, and any spare place available.