Fenton Indiana State House Marigold Souvenir Commemorative Plate

Fenton Indiana State House Marigold Souvenir Commemorative Plate


The "State House of Indiana" 8-inch plate is found only in marigold and blue. The outer pattern is Berry & Leaf Circle. There are only two known in each color. This plate is the second one known in Marigold. I purchased it from Gary & Janet Heavin of Rolla, Missouri.

It's immersed in a pink halo and has a glow like no other marigold I have ever seen. The sharp details of the building have outstanding iridescence. This plate is a true joy to behold.

Frank Fenton also owned a Marigold plate which he displayed in his Fenton Glass Museum that was housed in one corner of his factory which no longer exists. It may have been sold but I am not aware of the plate having been in the recent Fenton auction. The number of marigold plates known may be three in all; two perfect and one with an crack. Mine shown here is the one with an interior crack, which as you can see, is not detectable until lifted to the light. Its beauty and rarity did entice me to buy it since the price was commensurate with the flaw. Even if I found a perfect one, I doubt it would have this outrageous iridescence.

Mr. Resnik further commented that it was interesting to note that the flag used on this plate has only eleven stripes and nine stars and it is also the same flag used on the Soldiers' & Sailors' Home plate. He could not find any significance about the flag's features. I think it may tell us the same artist could have made both moulds for these two different commemorative plates.

For more information on this lettered commemorative plate, please visit the article I've written on one of the two known blue Indiana Statehouse plates.

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