Fenton Diamond & Rib Green Jardiniere

Fenton Diamond & Rib Green Jardiniere


I purchased this jardiniere at the 2013 Tampa Bay Club convention. This is the size and shape it was when it came straight out of the mould weighing 4.79 pounds and standing just 6.5" tall. There are not very many of these jardinieres to be found since most would have been swung, using centrifucal force to extend it to it's desired height, before it finally became a funeral vase.

Later that year, I couldn't resist purchasing a gorgeous Diamond & Rib funeral vase to sit beside the jardineire to demonstrate the "before and after" transformation. Both pieces are identical in color and iridescence so they look wonderful displayed with one another.

The Christina Katsikas Collection

This item has sold since this article was written during the April 2017 Heart of America Carnival Glass Association Convention Auction featuring the collection of Christina Katsikas.

The Dick & Sherry Betker Collection