Dugan Border Plants Peach Opal 3 and 1 Bowl

Dugan Border Plants Peach Opal 3 and 1 Bowl


Ever since I started collecting carnival glass I have developed the knack of collecting the not so available, scarce or rare pieces. Not that it's the only ones I prefer but it's like they often get into my way.
When I got my first Dugan Border Plants in dark purple, I wanted another one in either a different shape or color. It didn't take long till I found another.
I want to share this simple Border Plants ruffled 3 in 1 edge peach opal footed bowl with you. The first time I saw this piece of glass was almost three months ago. I found it listed online for bidding from Canada. I always first ask online sellers from other countries if they do ship or post items to Australia, unless it is being stated in the listing. The seller got back at me and confirmed they do post to Australia but postage is quite high.
It didn't matter since I really loved the piece and was already picturing it beside my other Border Plants in dark purple. So, I put it in my Watch List and waited for the day the bidding would end to put in my bids. But, due to uncontrolled events, I missed it and was not able to contact the seller to ask if the item was sold.
It has always been my belief that if I cannot have something that I like now, sooner or later it will come to me and I just need to be patient, which happened a few weeks back. The seller relisted the item and the moment I saw it I did not hesitate to put in my bids. In the end, I was the only bidder. 
It's not as sought after as the purple one but its peach opal beauty is as stunning as its counterpart.
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