Brazil  SA "Raminho" or  "Little Branches" Marigold Butter Dish

Brazil SA "Raminho" or "Little Branches" Marigold Butter Dish


Claudio writes, "Hello Christina! Here I am again! Now to talk about my "Raminho" butter dish. Let's go to the history!

The first time I saw a "Raminho" (Little Branch) butter dish it was by a photo that my friend from Minas Gerais, Álvaro Aguiar Nicolau sent to me some years ago. In the photo were two Raminho butter dishes in two different sizes. What a stunning surprise! Two little jewels!


In this day it started my search for one Raminho piece. But during my search I sent Álvaros's photos, with Raminho and other butter dishes, to Glen & Stephen Thistlewood. They were surprised and wrote about Brazilian butter dishes on their site. They wrote that the pattern appears in Kutzscher's 1924 catalogue in  two different butter dish sizes, as Álvaro's butter dishes sizes! And that before this, the pattern was identical to a Zabcowice pattern that is called Renaissance. Glen & Stephen have a Renaissance egg / bonboniere.


After this, Derek Sumpter wrote an excellent article for the Carnival Glass Society Newsletter #155 where, again, we can see a Raminho butter dish. 


Finally, in the end of last year, 2016, I found one Raminho for sale in Rio de Janeiro. Of course I bought it! And when it was delivered for me, again a stunning surprise! The beauty is amazing! The marigold color has a great iridescence. Also, the base and the lid are faceted into eight parts and the little branches are what divides every facet. Behind the branches we have a delicate lattice texture. In the bottom of the base, a multi-pointed star!
But, the only fact that makes me sad is that until now we do not know what Brazilian factory made it. We have some suspicions, but are only suspicions...I hope someday we can say who produced this beauty!"
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