Northwood Rose Show Variant Renninger Blue Plate

Northwood Rose Show Variant Renninger Blue Plate


The Northwood Rose Show Variant plate in Renninger Blue was another purchase from Gary Lickver at the Texas Carnival Glass convention in 2015. I had gone in and out of his room numerous times and finally he had set this beauty out.

We know how he sometimes likes to keep stuff in back part of his room and poof they arrive out of nowhere like magic! Got to love Gary for both his knowledge and wonderful glass that he has for sale; not to mention his own private collection that I would love to see one of these days. This came from his own private collection and he states that he had this plate for years. It was originally owned by the late Dale Matheny.

I am a sucker when it comes to yellow iridescence and this one is loaded. I would also call this electric blue as well; which you do not see very often in this color. I have always liked the Rose Show Variant slightly more than the Rose Show pattern; but both are very beautiful.

What makes this plate very special, in my opinion, is the vibrant colors we see. Renninger Blue is known for not always having the best coloring and iridescence; however I think this was was treated very well that day at the Northwood factory.

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