Imperial "Imperial Grape" Smoke Decanter & Carafe

Imperial "Imperial Grape" Smoke Decanter & Carafe


Made by Imperial is our "Imperial Grape" decanter with matching carafe, both in the color smoke.

We have no wines because I personally think that they don't exist. The smoke wines that are out there and selling at major auctions and on eBay are not old vintage antique wines. I bought one just to examine it and nothing matches up. The pattern of leaves are different as are the number of grapes and the bunches of grapes are all different. The shape of the stemmed bowl is slender as compared to a marigold, helios or purple wine, which is more rounded. I will never quit looking for an old smoke wine because as a collector, that's what we do, isn't it?

I should mention that the wines are 4" high. The decanter without stopper is 9" high. The decanter with stopper is 12" high.

The carafes are totally different in height. It all depends on the maker of the glass at that time. Some would pull the top up a little while others would flair it open a little more so the height of carafes varies. For instance, our marigold one is 8 1/4" high while the smoke one is 9 1/4" high. It really doesn't matter one way or another.

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