Brockwitz Bond Marigold Vase

Brockwitz Bond Marigold Vase


The Brockwitz "Bond" vase was listed on an online auction with very little information. The seller had it listed as a pretty spill vase and that was about it. I knew I had not seen this vase before which was enough for me to hit the Buy It Now button, and I decided not to research the vase until it had been delivered.

My first thoughts were, on opening the package, was how small the vase was as I was expecting something larger.  Also, I thought how much better the colour was than it looked  in the listings pictures.

With a little research I soon discovered that it was a Brockwitz "Bond Vase" and that the marigold ones are harder to find than the blue based versions. What surprised me somewhat is the fact that this one is 6 inches tall and the records show they were made in 6 1/4",  7 1/2", 8 3/4",  and the largest being 10" tall.

The base is 2 1/4" wide as is the top opening.

From the first moment I had this pretty little vase in the palm of my hand I knew it was going to get its own little spot amongst my European collection.

The name's tempting to put James Bond then....

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