U.S. Glass Palm Beach White Whimsey Vase

U.S. Glass Palm Beach White Whimsey Vase


We found this white Palm Beach vase, made by U.S. Glass, on an antiquing trip to one of our favorite antique malls. When I saw a group of vases sitting on a shelf, I was pretty excited. The first one that caught my eye was a lime green Drapery vase. I tucked it under my arm and when I saw the Palm Beach vase I reached for it also, afraid to sit the Drapery back down. I also picked up a green Diamond Points vase and a blue CRE top Knotted Beads vase. When Debbie came around the corner, I had a vase in each hand and one tucked under each arm! They were all priced dirt cheap so we took them all.

The Palm Beach vase has gold paint around the top border. It was apparently applied before the vase was swung because it appears to be stretched out. Its original shape was a spooner before it was whimsied into a 6 3/4" tall vase.
I always enjoy looking at it.
The Rick & Debbie Graham Collection