Joseph Inwald Czech Republic Rivoli Marigold Tumbler

Joseph Inwald Czech Republic Rivoli Marigold Tumbler


We are proud to present the Rivoli tumbler by Josef Inwald of Czechoslovakia. It came to us through the Jackie Poucher Collection auction in September 2014.
This pattern was originally named Rivoli by Inwald, is also known as Bars & Cross Box.
This ultra beautiful tumbler is rich marigold with glorious teal, hot pink, blue, purple and lime green shiny radium iridescence.
This magnificent beauty stands 3 7/8" in height, is 3" in diameter at the top and stands on an octagonal base. The design is simplistic, yet elegant.
This is our first tumbler by Inwald and it's a very big favorite of ours. The iridescence is very similar to that of our squatty marigold Princeton vase, also by Josef Inwald.
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