Joseph Inwald Czech Republic Fleur de Lis Large Marigold Vase #8194

Joseph Inwald Czech Republic Fleur de Lis Large Marigold Vase #8194


In March of 2014, I was surfing the Web for Carnival Glass and came upon an auction for an Inwald Squatty Marigold Funeral Vase. I knew of the seller as being reputable so I gave it a shot and won it. 

I could see where the seller may have thought it to be a funeral vase because it has a 4 3/4" base, a requirement needed to be classified as a funeral vase for Carnival Glass made here in the United States. The problem is that the 6.25" height disqualifies it from the Funeral Vase category since it isn't 15" or more tall.

I asked Christina to take a look at the old Inwald catalog, given to her by Bob Smith of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. From what we could find, we agreed it is the #8194 vase, which is shown in the catalog along side a tumbler so we could gauge the height to be around 6". This vase is much wider than the well known Fleur de Lis vase that's taller and cupped in slightly instead of being flared out like mine. Also mine has a 1.5" deep concave base whereas the smaller vases have a flat base and a smaller base diameter. To see the smaller vase, visit David Doty's website Inwald Fleur de Lis.

Inwald of Czechoslovakia is known for their superior marigold iridescence and this is one of those pieces. This vase just rocks!

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