Joseph Inwald Czech Republic Elinke Marigold Chop Plate

Joseph Inwald Czech Republic Elinke Marigold Chop Plate


This magnificent chop plate was found in Sweden in early 2003 by Ellen & Keith Richardson. They were given the opportunity to buy but had absolutely no information on either the maker or the pattern. It may have been the chance to name a piece that eventually swung it for them.

The design on the reverse of the plate is a cut-in floral pattern and the amount of coloring picked up on a pale marigold surface is unbelievable. It is covered in lilacs, pale turquoise and pinks. The front is plain and has gold iridescence.

They had the plate for a number of years before they decided to name it. In 2007 this plate was named ELINKE based on their family's surenames. EL for ELlen, INK for their daughter NIK, and Nik's K pus an E for her husband KEith.

Although the pattern was made by Inwald in crystal, this was the first piece of carnival glass reported. To the best of their knowledge, besides this 10" chop plate, there has only been one other item reported and that is a small bowl.

Ellen, from the UK,  had this posted here on Showcase since this site was created. She knew I loved it and sold it to me in February of 2017, just before the Tampa Bay Carnival Glass happened. I knew Nancy Young, also from the UK, was coming to the Tampa convention and she agreed to deliver to me so Ellen sent it to her just before she left. Well, this was the first year I could not make it to Tampa so I asked Steve Lindquist & Gary Sullivan, who did make it there, if they would take it from Nancy and take it home to Connecticut with them and I would see them there to pick it up at the New England Carnival Glass Association "Spring Fling" meeting in Wells, Maine on April 22, 2017.

Well, they did and it became part of the Show & Tell items I brought along to talk about. I could not get over how beautiful it was. I decided to take it with me to the HOACGA convention to show all my friends the following weekend.

So, in a matter of just a few weeks, this plate traveled from Ellen to Nancy in the UK, then it flew from the UK to Florida, then on to Connecticut, then to Wells, Maine, then to New Hampshire, out to the HOACGA convention in Missouri and back to New Hampshire for a long rest! It sure does have quite a few miles on it yes? YES! 

Catalogue page courtesy Bob Smith, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Christina Katsikas Collection

With Special Thanks to Ellen & Keith Richardson, UK for selling it to me.