Imperial Freefold Aqua Vase

Imperial Freefold Aqua Vase


This elegant and rare piece came to us via a collector from Indiana. At the 2014 ICGA convention he had not one, but two of these, a perfect pair of "oh so rares" in his room for his display. I was tipped off by fellow vase collector Kevin Clark that I had to meet this young man and see these two beauties. I kind of spaced out the part when Kevin said that they were not for sale. I had admired the Clark's aqua example at the 2013 ICGA Convention seminar that was given by the Clark's on Imperial vases so they knew I was pining for one someday. I've always been a sucker for Freefolds, with their undulating, quasi-botanic form. 
So I went to meet this collector, and promptly inquired how much they were. He then made it clear they were part of his room display and were not for sale. I was heartbroken and sadly bid adieu to the pair. The next day he said that he had so many inquiries about them that he was considering selling them. I was not the first person on the list who wanted them, but I remained hopeful as his asking price was within reason. The next day he told me that he had very bad news for me. I told him that I understood and that it was okay. That was when he told me that the bad news was that I had just bought myself a vase! I was ecstatic and teary-eyed and had to sit down on the back of the Seeck podium in the auction room so that I could get my head around the fact that I was actually getting this beauty. The other vase went to a very good home too with a well known vase collector. It was an adventure scoring this treasure and I am so proud to have it in my collection.
The height is 11 3/4" with a top flare of 5 3/4". It has a wonderfully low front lip at just 9" from the base. I could easily find myself hoarding Freefold vases, but I never saw adding an aqua one to the flock.
The Kate & Bill Lavelle Collection