Dugan Pinched Swirl Peach Opal Spittoon Whimsey Vase

Dugan Pinched Swirl Peach Opal Spittoon Whimsey Vase


Here’s something very unique by Dugan that you will seldom see offered for sale, the Pinched Swirl tricorner spittoon whimsey in peach opal. This is an oddly captivating piece, no two are alike. There’s definitely an organic look to this gem. According to Carl O. Burns in his Dugan & Diamond Carnival Glass 1909 – 1931, this item is scarce to very rare in all three of the available forms. It comes as a 6” or so vase, a rosebowl or the rarest of all, the spittoon whimsey. Marigold and peach opal are the only colors for this pattern.


This unusual item is a direct throwback to Dugan’s early days of manufacturing their Japanese and Venetian art glass lines. The peculiar pinched form shown here is very similar to many of these earlier pieces. The swirl design is on the interior and the edge on this one sports a broad opalescent band.


This vase came to us as part of the Kansas collection of Mr. Clifford Ball. We’re very pleased and proud to have this rare beauty in our collection.


The Kate & Bill Lavelle Collection