Dugan God & Home Marigold Tumbler "Only One Reported"

Dugan God & Home Marigold Tumbler "Only One Reported"


This Dugan God & Home marigold tumbler came from a nondescript small cottage type home in Iowa. The lady passed and left her meager belongings to her daughter and son-in-law. They sold the house and carried her boxes full of brick-a-brac to their home in Tennessee where they would dispose of it at a yard sale. I came along and bought it.

I have been collecting glass for 52 years now. I was sure it was old as soon as I saw it. I have had the complete old set twice and still have six blue tumblers.

I was also able to match at least one of my old blue tumblers to have been made in the actual same mold as the marigold one. Signs of natural wear shows that the marigold was probably and most likely made first. This makes sense because it was a sample made before the blue was mass produced.

As far as I am aware, this is the only tumbler ever reported in marigold. Although this pattern was reproduced by Westmoreland for L.G. Wright, they never made the color marigold and marked all their bottoms with a "W" logo.

To learn more about the God & Home pattern, please visit David Doty's website where he shows my tumbler here.

The Donald Lee Farrell Sr. Collection