Brockwitz Germany George Marigold Cylinder Vase

Brockwitz Germany George Marigold Cylinder Vase


Here’s a vase you won’t see again soon. This is a very rare and unique piece, most likely a Brockwitz product, which came our way through our good friend Ellen Richardson of the UK. She had come to visit the USA in September of 2014 to meet some of her friends and to attend the infamous HOACGA Jackie Poucher Event.

Ellen personally carried this little charmer “across the pond” in her purse for us and we are very happy to add “George” to our collection. As far as we know, it is the only George vase in the United States. Another belongs to a UK couple.

Ellen and her husband Keith originally bought this unusual little marigold vase from a UK dealer around 2003. Neither they nor the dealer had any idea as to the manufacturer or pattern name, but since they already had a few unknowns in their collection, they decided to purchase this lovely vase.


A few years later while doing research, Ellen came across a drawing of a pitcher in an old glass book by Minnie Watson Camm. The pattern looked to be exactly the same, but try as Ellen might, she couldn't locate any further information.

In May of 2008 Ellen finally found the answer. Another couple from the UK had the same vase for quite awhile; felt that they had found the maker, but again, no pattern name. They decided to simply name the pattern George.


This little beauty stands 5 ½” in height, the top measures 2 1/8” in diameter and it stands on a circular 2 ¼” base that carries a 6 petaled floral shape at the bottom. It’s very simplistic in form and conception, yet proud and elegant as well.


There are eleven “squares” to each of the twelve columns. This vase pattern was made with a three part mould and was finished with a ground base. The iridescence is satin marigold with various hues of pink, blue and violet.


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