Australian Crown Crystal Kingfisher Dark Sauce Bowl

Australian Crown Crystal Kingfisher Dark Sauce Bowl


By Mike Carwile

I picked up this little twelve-ruffled, five-inch “Kingfisher” Australian made bowl recently (April 2017) and it’s the first one I’ve owned.  It’s a really neat little piece with great detail.

At first sight it appears to be Black glass or Black Amethyst.  However, when holding it up to a strong light it has a super nice deep amethyst color. In Australia, this color glass is called "Dark". The only other common color is marigold which is called "Light". In rare cases, "Aqua" and "Pink" are also known and referred to as such.
I’ve taken some close up shots that will show the detail well and may help you avoid buying a “Fake” example.  But, for the best detailed information on the “real” and “fake” bowls, I suggest you go to Glen & Stephen Thistlewood’s Carnival Glass Worldwide site where the drawings Glen has are so good that they look like they were actually traced from a real bowl.  You’ll get all of the in-depth information you’ll need when it comes to buying one of these little beauties.  Thanks to Glen again for the super article on this and other pieces.
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