1909 Shriners Louisville Tobacco Leaf Clear Souvenir Champagne Glass

1909 Shriners Louisville Tobacco Leaf Clear Souvenir Champagne Glass


Here we present yet another beautiful champagne glass made by Westmoreland or U.S. Glass for the Shriners organization. This particular one commemorates the 1909 Syrian Temple Imperial Council Session (convention) and features Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on one side and Louisville, Kentucky on the other. 
According to the Shriner's organization, a glass was produced each year with a "theme" representing the city that they were visiting. For the 1909 Louisville, KY event they chose gold and amber colored tobacco leaves supporting two silver and gold scimitars for the base and a horseshoe on one side in honor of the Kentucky Derby. 
Each of these wonderful and unique Shriner’s champagne glasses were very labor intensive to manufacture as they were each painstakingly hand painted. The bowl of this champagne glass has been iridized onto clear glass. The two scimitars have been painted, with the hilt or grip in gold and the blade in silver. All of the raised details on the entire champagne glass have been picked out in gold. The base is comprised of four tobacco leaves, two have been painted amber in color and two are in gold. This paint flows up the stem to support the bowl. The area surrounding the star on the Pittsburgh side has been painted white.
Measurements for the 1909 glass are 4 ½” in height, 3 3/8” in diameter at the top rim and it stands on the four tobacco leaves 3 ¼” across.This delightful champagne glass came to us in 2014 from the Jane Dinkins Estate.  
Additional photos and references can be seen at the following official Shriner’s site: Pheonixmasonry Masonic Museum.
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